• Total Customization - Change the design of your iDigitalCard whenever you like.
  • Instant Connections - It's so easy! You literally just turn on the icons and buttons that you want your viewers to see.
  • More Features - Inside the members area you have the ability to upgrade to deploy more features on your iDigitalCard.
  • Grab Your Link - Once you are inside you will create your link for your iDigitalCard.


You're Also Going To Receive Our New Mobile App


Look At All The Amazing Things You Can Do With The App!

  • Instantly Send Out Your Card - Now you can instantly send a message that contains your iDigitalCard from the app itself.
  • Keep Track Of All Your Leads - You are able to tag your leads that you know the event or location where your lead came from.
  • Customize Your Messages - Ready to go personalized messages that contain your iDigitalCard link.
  • Manage Your Leads - From inside this app you're able to call and text your leads with a simple swipe.